20 December - 31 March 2019

Including works by:
Edward Bawden, Rafael Canogar, Keith Coventry, James Dixon, John Dixon, Juraj Dobrovic, Richard Eurich, Ryan Gander, Nigel Hall, Nigel Henderson, Tristram Hillier, Roger Hilton, Harry Holland, Ronald Brooks Kitaj, Jülius Koller, James Lloyd, Kenneth Martin, C. R. W. Nevinson, Victor Pasmore, Julian Perry, Bridget Riley, Adrian Ryan, Ruskin Spear, Klaus Staudt, Graham Sutherland, Gillian Wise

Austin / Desmond Fine Art is pleased to announce their winter exhibition. Separated into two parts, the upstairs gallery displays the work of British and international artists, whilst the downstairs gallery focuses on the work of traditional post-war British landscape painting. The show will run until the end of March.

Upstairs Gallery: Raphael Canogar, Keith Coventry, Juraj Dobrovic, Ryan Gander, Nigel Hall, Nigel Henderson, Barbara Hepworth, Roger Hilton, Harry Holland, Ronald Brooks Kitaj, Julius Koller, Kenneth Martin, Victor Pasmore,  Bridget Riley, Klaus Staudt, Graham Sutherland, Paul Winstanley, Gillian Wise.

Downstairs Gallery: Edward Bawden, James Dixon, John Dixon, Richard Eurich, Tristram Hillier, James  Lloyd, C.R.W. Nevinson, Julian Perry, Adrian Ryan, Ruskin Spear.