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Judith Lauand


In 1954 Lauand worked as a monitor at the International São Paulo Biennial and came into contact with the work of Geraldo de Barros and Lothar Charoux among others. Later, she was invited by Waldemar Cordeiro to join Grupo Ruptura and remained until its end as the only female member. She exhibited with them at such historic exhibitions as 1 Exposicao Nacional de Arte Concreta at the Museo Arte Moderna, São Paulo in 1956 and the Konkrete Kunst show in Zurich in 1960. The 1 Exposicao Nacional de Arte Concreta marked the beginning of the rift between the Concrete groups in the cities São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The strict adherence to geometric rigidity of the Concrete artists in São Paulo was looked upon as too dogmatic by many of the Concrete artists from Rio. Lauand was one of Ruptura’s strictest adherents.


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