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Mary Martin

(1907 - 1969)

Born in Folkstone in 1907, Mary Martin Studied at Goldsmith College from 1925-29 before going on to the Royal College of Art from 1929- 32. She married fellow artist Kenneth Martin in 1930. From 1934 she exhibited mainly figurative works at the A.I.A. Martin turned to abstraction in 1950, making her first relief, based on the proportional geometry of the Golden Section, in the following year and her first free-standing construction in 1956. She exhibited with her husband, Kenneth Marin, at the Heffer Gallery, Cambridge in 1954. She also exhibited with the London Group from 1932. Her reliefs and constructions utilise industrial materials such as glass and wood and demonstrate a scientific and mathematical approach. A joint retrospective of Mary and Kenneth Martin’s work was held at the Camden Arts Centre, London in 2007


Untitled, 1950
Mary Martin


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