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Tatiana Wolska: Chrysalides

4th November 2021 - 4th December 2021

Tatiana Wolska: Chrysalides

Tatiana Wolska, Untitled, 2018

We are delighted to announce, alongside Wild Traces: A Living Landscape, a solo presentation of Tatiana Wolska's drawings with gallery L’etrangere (London).

‘Every morning’, Woska says, ‘I get up at 6am and it’s coffee and drawing for an hour and a half before my kids get up.’ This allows her to ‘warm up the hands’, both right and left, and to draw curved forms, which, if not perfect circles are nearly always shapes that cycle back into themselves: another expression of Wolska’s impetus to revisit materials and forms to create them anew. Drawing, for Wolska, is an absorbing practice that leaves no space for thinking: ‘my need is to draw, not to think about drawing.’ The fluid nets, grids and sheaths she generates are reminiscent of skin, intestines, ligaments and muscles, yet they are not representations of anatomical elements or organs. This freedom from specific referents allows Wolska to follow her intuition until she reaches the point of ‘appetising surprise’, in which potential teeters on the edge of definition. ~ Ellen Mara De Wachter

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Tatiana Wolska
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