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Between The Lines

8th February 2024 - 1st March 2024

Between The Lines

Jeff Keen, Still Life with Boy and Cat, 1957

We are delighted to present a group exhibition exploring the use of line in both drawings and other mediums, each work harnessing its simplicity to traverse forms, expression, and representation.

The exhibition includes three early drawings dating from the 1950s by artist and film maker Jeff Keen. A pioneer of experimental film, Keen was also a prolific draftsman. These works clearly reflect his love of surrealism, creating a dystopian vision with neo-romantic overtones.

Also exhibited is a 1930s watercolour by David Jones. The work depicts the coastal town of Sidmouth as seen through a window, “David Jones liked the way in which windows mediate between two worlds, and there is a sense in which most of his work can be interpreted as an attempt to uncover the inner meaning of an outward appearance.” In this watercolour, Jones’s simple but careful use of lines and brushstrokes creates a sense of fluidity, you can feel the dampness in the air and hear the rush of the seagulls flying overhead.

A distinctive line drawing of Lucian Freud by Cedric Morris is also on show. Freud and Morris met in the summer of 1939 when Freud enrolled in the East Anglican School of Painting and Drawing, “Cedric taught me to paint and more important to keep at it.’ (Lucian Freud). Morris’s direct approach can be seen in this portrait as well as his characteristically unique view of his sitter.

Edward Allington, Edward Burra, Patrick Caulfield, Barry Flanagan, Lucian Freud, Roger Hilton, Barbara Hepworth, David Jones, Jeff Keen, Cedric Morris, Ben Nicholson, Phillip King, Kenneth Martin, Paul Nash and Bryan Wynter.

Incomplete Instrument
Edward Allington
Incomplete Instrument, 1989

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