Austin / Desmond Fine Art

Austin / Desmond Fine Art

Sedgley and Steele: An Adventure in Change

14th November 2023 - 12th January 2024

We are delighted to present an exhibition of two leading British abstract artists, Peter Sedgley and Jeffrey Steele, who found themselves at the center of the ‘Op Art’ zeitgeist in the 1960s. During this decade art was liberated from the canvas surface, directing itself within the eye and brain. Art works were no longer fixed in time but instead, embodied an ‘adventure in change’. Both Sedgley and Steele were included in William C. Seitz’s now seminal exhibition ‘The Responsive Eye’ at the Museum of Modern Art in 1965, New York, alongside influential artists Josef Albers, Max Bill and their contemporary Bridget Riley. The exhibition at Austin Desmond concentrates on groundbreaking optical works from that period.

Saturday Viewing: 9th December, 11am-2pm

Austin/Desmond Fine Art specialises in Modern British, International and Contemporary art. Established in 1979, the gallery has been located in Bloomsbury since 1988. 
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