16 September - 18 December 2020

Including works by:
Marina Apollonio, Juraj Dobrovic, Anthony Hill, Eduardo Kac, Julije Knifer, Liliane Lijn, Tony Longson, Kenneth Martin, Dóra Maurer, Ben Nicholson, Victor Pasmore, Terry Pope, Bridget Riley, Peter Sedgley, Klaus Staudt, Henryk Stazewski, Jeffrey Steele, Gillian Wise, Edward Zajec

Austin/Desmond Fine Art presents Order and Rhythm an exhibition of geometric works from the 1960s onwards. The artworks in the exhibition are united not only by their simplified form and mathematical rigour but by their commitment to experimentation pushing the boundaries between art and science. The exhibition aims to capture this spirit of innovation bringing together some of the most influential figures of the Constructivist and Op art movements alongside works of computer art.

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