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Wild Traces: A Living Landscape

26th October 2021 - 17th December 2021

Inspired by Susan Owen’s recent publication Spirit of Place, the exhibition Wild Traces: A Living Landscape brings together a group of artists come biophiles, whose work is not limited to a depiction of the natural world, but endeavours to ‘get inside it’. Landscapes painted, not just by the passive observer, but from an artists visceral experience of the countryside as an equal inhabitant. Interwoven are surreal organic forms; traces of the natural world that reflect our primal connections as well as works that highlight the restless tensions between man and nature.

Eileen Agar, Keith Arnatt, David Bomberg, Prunella Clough, Barry Flanagan, Fay Godwin, Tristram Hillier, Ivon Hitchens, Peter Lanyon, Barbara Levittoux-Świderska, James Lloyd, Paul Nash, Grace Pailthorpe, John Piper, Mary Potter, Alan Reynolds, William Scott, Ally Thompson and Graham Sutherland.

Austin/Desmond Fine Art specialises in Modern British, International and Contemporary art. Established in 1979, the gallery has been located in Bloomsbury since 1988. 
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